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■商品番号KTM5PV1-K■商品概要Crash protectors for the front spindle of the motorbike.Price for complete mounting kit including 2 protectors.Colour:black aluminium anodized■適合車種▼KTMRC 125/200/390 ■詳細説明Crash protectors to the spindle gripping minimize the damages of an accident. We recommend to use it together with crash protectors to the frame gripping.Made from black nylon with coloured cap.Each protector includes a colored cover that hides the screw.Our crash protectors are tested both in regular traffic conditions on the road and on the racing tracks by racing teams. This gives us the experience and feedback to develop the optimal technical solution so that our protectors provide excellent protection of motorcycle in the event of a fall. Each protector passes through quality of control and processing.■注意点※取り扱い説明書が付属する場合、そちらは英語となります。




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